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A  FAT BURNING programme designed to target problematic parts of the body, for people with limited time to exercise regularly, for those who suffer from overweight or noticing aging effects on the body.

  • Burn 700 calories in 20 – minute workout once or twice a week
  • Increases the oxygen consumption of the cells and burns calories faster.
  • Speeds up a metabolism and help eliminate fat.
  • 77% faster fat loss compared to a conventional training. Low-frequency and low width of the pulses stimulate the surface layer, where a fat layer is located.
  • Increases a muscle weight within a shorter period of time.
  • Positive results can be visible within one month
  • Professional Trainers will diagnose your body and advise a personalized healthy nutrition plan.

E-FIT CARDIO programme helps to burn calories significantly faster compared to a conventional cardio training.

  • E-fit “afterburn” effect – with EMS training your body keeps burning even after a workout, as the body requires extra energy to return to its steady state, that leads to a better result.
  • Improvement of the lymph and blood circulation
  • Lung capacity increases

EMS BODY TONING programme designed to shape and tone the entire body, in combination with a healthy diet, results are visible after a few workout sessions

  • Up to 350 of body muscles are stimulated during a 20 – minute workout
  • Shaping the entire body
  • Deeper muscles activation
  • By combining with a healthy diet, results are visible after a few workout sessions
  • E-Fit workout helps abdominal muscles to regain their original tone and condition after pregnancy. It supports the regeneration of deep muscle fibers and connective tissues affected by pregnancy.
  • Up to 50% more intense training than a conventional strength workout
  • Strength and endurance increases
  • 90% of body muscles activated

ANTI – CELLULITE programme designed for people who struggle with a cellulite appearance on a waist, abdomen, hips, and thighs.

  • The weakness of connective tissues causes a cellulite. Fat cells accumulate between the skin and muscle tissues and cause visible projections to appear on the skin. These tissues can be stimulated with EMS lower impulse intensity, which increases blood circulation and stimulates the removal of excreta from problematic areas. As a result, cellulite can be significantly reduced by continuous training with E-fit.
  • E-Fit regular exercising increases a fluid flow in the veins, arteries, and lymphatic vessels
  • Balanced metabolism helps cleaning cells and body fluids from toxins and waste in the human body
  • Due to increased muscle contractions, the blood supply of the veins improves, what prevents the development of varicose veins.
  • E-fit for a belly, bottom and legs offer a gentle and lasting improvement. It brings the trunk and leg muscles in shape and revitalizes connective tissues.

BODY BUILDING programme designed to grow your muscles focused on targeted muscle groups and easy on joints.

  • Deep muscle tissue can be trained more effectively, making a 20-minute workout superior to a 90-minute conventional training
  • Easy on joints, preventing pain caused by conventional heavy weight lifting workout.
  • E-Fit full body workout works great in combination with a conventional gym training
  • Targeted muscle building, for those muscle groups that are difficult to develop
  • Helps underdeveloped muscles to grow
  • Excellent solution to such problems as misbalanced (asymmetric) muscle development or deformed muscles
  • To achieve the desired effect, it is important to maintain a proper diet and use appropriate supplements.

REHABILITATION programme helps to recover after sports injuries, sprains, and spinal operations, strengthening your back muscles and abdominal muscles.

  • E-Fit offers a special medical device for rehabilitation purposes
  • The e-fit device works 90% on of the skeletal muscles without straining the joints
  • An efficient rebuilding of muscle-nerve connections in combination with physiotherapy methods
  • Rehabilitation after sports injuries, sprains, and spinal operations
  • Individuals suffering from the reduced range of motion of joints can also benefit from electrical muscle stimulation therapy. The electrical impulses applied to loosen tense muscles and tendons, which help the joint to become more flexible. In addition, it also improves blood flow to an affected joint relieving inflammation and promoting tissue healing.
  • Prevents muscle atrophy and ulcers
  • Stimulating and strengthening muscle groups on the reverse side, have a positive impact on patients with scoliosis
  • Helps patients to reach the muscle power necessary for the active lifestyle within a short period of time.

POSTURE IMPROVEMENT programme helps to correct your posture and relieve a back pain symptoms during the first months.

  • Relieve a back – pain symptoms
  • Eliminate a neck stiffness
  • Strengthening dorsal muscles and improve their functionality
  • E-fit EMS training allows to reach deeper muscles, these are responsible for supporting the posture. Exercising deeper muscles, such as deep back muscles and muscles along the spine are quite difficult with a conventional training. These muscles are responsible for supporting the body posture.
  • MUSCULAR RE-EDUCATION: The goals of this treatment are to build basic tone and strength in weakened muscles and to force the contraction of these muscles in a coordinated pattern to strengthen the cognitive link between the brain and the movements. After training with electrical stimulation, physical rehab patients can move on to more strenuous exercises to return muscles to their optimal strength.
  • MUSCLE RECOVERY AFTER INJURY: For athletes and other people suffering from tissue injuries, electric muscle stimulation therapy can also be used to regain tissue healing faster. When electrical stimulation is employed, the muscles regain their mass, tone, and functioning easier, which enhances the rehabilitation efforts for various types of injuries.

RELAXATION programme designed to relax your muscles after a workout session, gentle stimulation reduces stress in the trained muscle groups, relaxing your entire body.

  • During the relaxation phase, muscle fibers are exposed to fine impulse waves which, due to their low frequency, have a relaxing effect.
  • This gentle and pleasant stimulation through distinct contractions reduces stress in the muscle groups.
  • Prepares tissues to a rest phase and help remove waste products you’re your body, accumulated during a workout.
  • Electric stimulation therapy can be used for overall comfort and stress reduction. The electrical stimulation that improves blood circulation makes you more relaxed similar to the effects of deep tissue massage.